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13th Early Fall Scholl in Semiotics "SocioSemiotics"




8-18 SEPTEMBER 2007,

Friday 07/09
14:30 Departure from Sofia to Sozopol, meeting at Hotel Pliska

Saturday 08/09
Morning session:

1) Prof. Harri Veivo: Literary semiosis: the general and the particular, the social and the individual
2) Prof. Harri Veivo: Literature as criticism of stereotypic representations: the case of posturban literature
3-4) Prof. Joergen Johansen: Literature and Intersubjectivity

Afternoon session:
Opening of 13th EFSS Sociosemiotics

Presentation of the last edition of the series EFSS’ 2006 vol XII, Semiotics, image and narration by Veronika Azarova

20:00 Reception for all participants Sunday

Sunday 09/09
Morning session:

1) Dr. Evangelos Kourdis: The Balkan countries from the perspective of the Greeks: Semiotic codes in cultural, language and translation attitudes
2) Dr. Natasha Christodoulou: to be specified
3) Prof. Harri Veivo: Shopping malls as semiotic constructions
4) Prof. Harri Veivo: National territories as semiotic spaces

Afternoon session:
Open round table on Semiotics of literature: chair Harri Veivo
- Joergen Johansen: Why Literature?
- Harri Veivo: Three approaches to the question of the author
- Antoaneta Doncheva: The problem of identity in Kafka: semiotics of grotesque
- Elisebha Fabienne: Semiotics, literature and cities in Italo Calvino

Open round table: Eros and philosophy
chair Vladimir Gradev

- Vladimir Gradev: to be specified
- Kristian Bankov: Eros and Consumption
- Lidia Denkova: Ordo amoris – Влюбената философия/разумната семиотика

20:00 Cultural event

Monday 10/09
Morning session

1-2) Prof. Joergen Johansen: Theory of Fiction
3-4) Prof. Vladimir Gradev: The Sacred Art Today

Afternoon session:
Workshop on The Semiotic Study of Brands
chair Kristian Bankov

- Moni Almalech: Manipulation strategies on collective unconscious
- Stefan Serezliev: to be specified
- Vladimir Ignatov: to be specified
- Georgi Iliev: to be specified
- Evgenia Hristova: to be specified
- Ulrich Ermann: to be specified

20:00 Cultural event

Tuesday 11/09
Morning session:

1-2) Prof. Kalevi Kull: New trends in the Tartu school of semiotics
3-4) Prof. Ivan Mladenov, Assoc. Prof. Kristian Bankov : Thinking in semiotic perspective

Afternoon session:
Open round table on The city and it's inhabitants: a sociosemiotic approach
chair Michail Nedelchev

- Moni Almalech: Рейс 111 на границата между града и селото
- Georg Kraev: "Пазарът"
- Ivan Kasabov: Курортът
- Borislav Gueorguiev: to be specified
- Boyka Batchvarova: Купуването на кола при соца

20:00 Cultural event Wednesday

Wednesday 12/9
Morning session:

1-2) Prof. Guido Ipsen: Semiotic consulting - Signs in professional communication
3-4) Prof. Dario Martinelli: Introduction to zoosemiotics

Afternoon session:
Open round table on Construction and deconstruction of social taboos
chair Veronika Azarova

- Anita Kasabova: The structure of social acts (speech acts) : from J.L. Austin back to A. Reinach and K. Buehler
- Rumen Daskalov: to be specified
- Veronika Azarova: Construction and deconstruction of social taboos
- Rossitza Jakimova: Видимият и невидимият адресат
- Maria Popova: to be specified

20:00 Cultural event

Thursday 13/09
Visit to Nessebar

Friday 14/09
Morning session:

1-2) Dr. Elisebha Fabienne: Connecting signs. "Le citta' invisibili" of Italo Calvino
3) Prof. Massimo Leone: Visual semiotics
4) Prof. Massimo Leone: Semiotics of mass media

Afternoon session:
Plenary lecture: Ivan Mladenov: Conceptualizing Metaphors: The Iceberg and the Crystal Mind

Open round table on the Semiotic achievements of Tom Sebeok,
chair Prof. Maria Popova

Participants: Kalevi Kull, Ivan Mladenov, Dario Martinelli
Presentation of the activities of Umweb group

20:00 MILONGA – Tango argentino

Saturday 15/09
Morning session:

1-2) Prof. Ugo Volli: Semiotics as theory of interpretation
3-4) Prof. Massimo Leone: Cultural and etno semiotics

Afternoon session:
Workshop on The Screen as Semiotic Engine
PLAYBACK THEATER PRESENTS: Игра на случки - A Play of Incidents

Sunday 16/09
Morning session:

1-2) Prof. Kalevi Kull: to be specified
3) Prof. Ugo Volli: Language and experience
4) Prof. Ugo Volli: Communication and dialogue

Afternoon session:
Workshop on Human – animal communication

20:00 Cultural event

Monday 17/09
Morning session:

1) Prof. Dario Martinelli: Zoomusicology and semiotics
2) Prof. Dario Martinelli: Antrozoosemiotics and some ethical issues
3-4) Prof. Guido Ipsen: The importance of social consensus in pragmatist semiotics

Afternoon session: Open seminar with the PhD students of the Southeast European Center for Semiotic Studies

- Plamen Velev: Eliseo Veron – semiotic contribution to the communication theory of Palo Alto
- Ivo Velinov: Bulgarian Sacred Places Revisited: Pilgrim or Cultural Tourist?
- Maria Meskin: Изследване на знаковите системи в античните общности
- Iren Vladikin: Цветовия език в разказа Следата от твоята кръв по снега от Г. Маркес - Rumjana Stefanova: Интернет и графичния интерфейс на потребителския софтуер


Tuesday 18/09
Morning session:

1-2) Assoc. Prof. Borislav Gueorguiev: to be specified
3) Prof. Maria Popova: to be specified
4) Prof. Ivan Kasabov: to be specified

Afternoon session: EXAMINATION
Written test for all students participants of the IP

Departure from Sozopol

Wednesday 19/9
Departures from Sofia

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