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History Club Meeting: "Objectivism in Bulgarian Historiography.."


The Centre for Advanced Study hosts the first meeting of the History Club for this academic year.

Roumen Daskalov presents:

"Objectivism in Bulgarian Historiography - between the truth monopole and the struggle about the other truth"

Venue: Centre for Advanced Study, 70 Neofit Rilski Str., floor 3
Time: October 16th, at 17.30

The paper deals with the professional ideology of Bulgarian historiography in general and the uses of objectivism and its illusions in particular. The question why Bulgarian historians are so eager to refer to objective truth and how they exploit that is under special investigation. The following discussion can focus on the present paradigm of objectivism after the end of the ideological regime and what post-objectivistic perspectives are possible in the new pluralistic situation.

Към новина: 16/09/2007 History Club Meeting: "Objectivism in Bulgarian Historiography.."

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