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Покана за участие: "Политики на изключване и завръщане: Формирането на диаспорa като феномен"


On behalf of the Berlin Institute for Comparative Social Research (BIVS) I would like to invite you to to apply for a scholarship to attend the forthcoming EUROFOR Marie Curie conference on "Politics of the Exclusion and Return: The Phenomena of Diaspora Formations" in Budapest, Hungary.

After the successful staging of the past events in Italy, Greece, Malta and Slovenia, the series of twelve scientific conferences on migration management is clearly gaining momentum. The past conferences turrned out to be successful platforms for the exchange of knowledge and fruitful debate of research ventures in the fields under review.

The next event will take place from 12 - 15th April 2007 in Budapest. Approx. 30 young researchers (mostly PhD candidates) as well as several experienced researchers, scholars and policy-makers will be attending the event.

There are 32 Marie Curie scholarships available for young and experienced researchers from EU Member States and Third Countries, covering travel and accommodation for this four day conference.

This particular event focuses on diaspora formations, minority politics and trans-state relations. The phenomena of diaspora formations will be discussed in an interdisciplinary and comparative perspective.

Throughout the workshops and seminars the following topics will be addressed:
- Concepts and Notions of Diaspora
- Diaspora Communities: Case studies
- The Role of Diasporas in Contemporary Conflicts
- Ethnic Entrepreneurs in the Diaspora
- Trans-State Politics in the 21st Century: The impact of diasporas on changes in the homelands

As usual in the Marie Curie EUROFOR conferences, Saturday morning will be dedicated to the presentation and analysis of the local situation. In addition, two workshops will serve as platform to discuss methodological issues and problems that arise during the course of the researchers’ work.

Find attached the call for papers as well as the preliminary programme for the conference in Hungary.

The deadline for paper proposal submission of the conference in Budapest is 31 January.

For download of the conference reader (including detailed application guidelines), see: HERE

Since we made usage of various electronic distribution lists for this call for papers, it may be that you receive this message more than once. We thank you for your understanding and apologise for this inconvenience.

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