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"От имиграционна политика към миграционно управление"


EUROFOR Marie Curie Conference Series 2004 – 2008


The Berlin Institute for Comparative Social Research (Berliner Institut für Vergleichende Sozialforschung e.V. BIVS) is currently organising, in co-operation with the European Research Forum on Migration and Ethnic Relations (EUROFOR), a series of twelve scientific Marie Curie conferences on the topic of migration management. This project is partly funded by the DG Research of the European Commission.

All twelve conferences (2004 – 2008) concentrate on current and future political challenges resulting from international migration processes. They seek to provide a platform for debates on new and innovative research as well as on policies regarding the management of migration. A major aim of the conferences is to develop the participants' research methods through the provision of training. At each conference, academics and experts from across Europe lend their perspective on current migration processes. There is a special focus on early stage researchers at the conferences, who are given the opportunity to present their research results alongside their more established peers.

This call for paper concerns the eighth event in the series on “European and National Agencies of Dealing with the Non-Accepted” which will take place in Berlin (Germany) from 14 – 17th December 2006. Find attached the preliminary programme. There are 32 Marie-Curie grants available for each conference, which cover travel and living allowances. If you are interested in presenting you should send us a paper proposal beforehand for assessment. Please see the following guidelines and proposal procedures.

Eligible for funding are:
- Early-stage researchers: This refers to researchers holding a university (or equivalent institution of higher education) degree that provides access to doctoral studies, at the beginning of their research career with less than four years' active research experience.
- Experienced researchers: This applies to researchers with more than four years of active research experience or involved in post-doctorate programmes.

The presentation should be approximately 10 - 15 minutes in length and be relevant to one of the topics of the seminars/workshops. The full proposal for the presentation should be handed in to us in advance for assessment, and should include:
- Abstract of the paper, including an outline of the addressed objectives, applied methodology and research results (between 1 and 3 pages)
- Short Curriculum Vitae, 5-10 lines in continuous text, and the complete contact information.
- Statement of purpose providing a clear overview of your academic and professional interests and background. You may also use the statement of purpose to record personal and professional experiences that are relevant to your application and that may not be obvious in your curriculum vitae (no longer than 1 page).

Please send your full proposal by electronic mail to: Applications for the conference in Berlin will be accepted until 30 September 2006. For more information on past and upcoming EUROFOR conferences, please visit our website: www.emz-berlin.de

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