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Deadline: "From Totalitarianism towards Democracy in Central Eastern Europe"


The purpose of this conference is to bring together academics from different countries to sum up and discuss the 20 years of system transformation processes in Europe which started early in 1989, in Poland (the Round Table Agreements), and involved Hungary, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia (the Velvet Revolution), being followed by events in East Germany (The Fall of Berlin Wall), and Romania (revolution ending the Ceausescu regime).

In addition, the aim of this meeting for us, the organizers, is to celebrate the 30-th anniversary of establishing the Institute of Psychology at the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Key questions

The conference will be built around some key questions regarding the processes and results of social change:

• Social capital and life satisfaction (keywords: social capital, life satisfaction, trust, social/political involvement)
• Intergroup and intra-group relations (keywords: stereotyping, prejudice, social identities, globalization, migration, conflict)
• Collective memory (keywords: historical events, shared knowledge)
• Social exclusion and alienation (keywords: poverty, alienation, exclusion, marginalization)
• Characteristics of political system (keywords: leadership, democracy, deliberation, civic engagement, political discourse)

We would appreciate your contribution to any of these areas. However, proposals in line with the main topic, yet outside of this list are also welcome.

This conference will feature symposiums, poster session and an interdisciplinary panel discussion. We expect papers reporting summaries of research results, meta-analyses, longitudinal data, as well as comparative studies concerning the social, psychological and political processes associated with the transformation.
We hope that the conference will provide an opportunity for scholars from across Europe to meet and discuss significant contributions to current research on the transformation of the political systems. Such a meeting might foster common research, joint grant proposals and new publications.

Paper and Panel proposals

Each panel may include up to four papers addressing a common substantive topic, a chair, and up to two discussants. In exceptional circumstances, we will accept two consecutive panels on the same topic. This should be negotiated in advance with the Program Chairs. We will accept individual paper submissions, which subsequently will be grouped into panels with similar papers, and will be assigned a chair and (possibly) discussants. We will also consider proposals for complete panels, including all papers and identifying the chair and discussant (if you choose to invite discussants), which can be submitted by the panel chair as a complete session.

Proposal Submission

Submission of proposals opens in 1st April 2010. To submit your proposal, visit the Submission page.

The deadline for submissions of proposals is June 15th, 2010.

If your paper submission is accepted, you will be expected to confirm your participation on our website by early October and, optionally, upload a copy of your research paper or presentation for panel chairs, discussants, and public archives. You will also be expected to distribute it by email to all members of your panel (other presenters, chair, and discussant) by the same date. Finally, if your submission is accepted, you may be assigned a presentation time on any of the days of the conference.


Owing to a conference grant awarded to the Institute of Psychology by the International Society of Political Psychology (ISPP) we have no registration fees for
presenters from European countries. For non presenting participants, the fee is 100 euro, for students - 70 euro.

We shall also be able to fund conference stipends for accommodation purposes for academics from European countries (see below); however, the stipends will not cover travel expenses.

Conference Grants

Thanks to the grant awarded by International Society of Political Psychology, we are able to cover accommodation expenses of a number of participants. Those interested in receiving conference grant for accommodation should fill in and submit an application form. The decisions will be made on the basis of evaluation of abstracts and list of publications by independent reviewers and will be sent to your e-mail address soon after the decisions of acceptance.

How to submit the form

Please, fill in this form and send it to us by 15 June 2010, writing your name in the title of the file (e.g. Smith.doc). We kindly ask doctoral students and younger researchers (up to 35 years) to submit also one letter of recommendation.
Please, send the application form (and the scanned letter of recommendation if needed) to our email:

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