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Deadline: "Divorce, Women and Families in the Balkans (XVIIIth-XXth centuries)"


The next European Social Science History Conference (ESSHC) will meet in Lisbon, February 27 – March 1 2008. You are invited to present a paper on the theme of divorce, women and families (18th-20th centuries) in the Balkans understood in a broad sense.

For more information about this session, please visit the ESSHC-website: http://www.iisg.nl/esshc , section Family and Demography. I would like to encourage comparative papers but everyone researching in this area of social history is welcome. If you are interested in participating st this meeting, please send an abstract of ½ page to: c_ghitulescu@ yahoo.fr

Divorce, Women and Families in the Balkans (XVIIIth-XXth centuries)

A couple’s separation has always been, in the past and today, a social, economic and affective issue. In a number of European countries divorce was not accepted until the late eighteenth century and this led to the »invention« of a series of more or less effective solutions, including separation [séparation de corps] and the annulment of the marriage. However, the Orthodox Church, for example, while proclaiming that marriage was indissoluble in principle, accepted divorce in practice and allowed spouses to separate for a whole range of reasons. Our session tries to find out how and who invoke separation, in which moment of marriage and what is happened with both partners. Moreover, another significant topic which could be catch our interest is the induced effects of this separation on family, children and even on society.

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