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Международен семинар "Политическа култура и културни политики в Централна и Югоизточна Европа, 1850-1950"


Институтът по балканистика към БАН и Център за академични изследвания организират международен семинар на тема "Политическа култура и културни политики в Централна и Югоизточна Европа, 1850-1950". Събитието ще се състои на 5-7 юли 2007 г. в Института по балканистика към БАН.
Предварителна програма:

5 юли, четвъртък

  • City and Press in Austrian Galicia
    Harald Binder, Center for Urban History of East Central Europe, Lviv, Ukraine

  • Public, Press, Town and Politics in the Bulgarian Late Nineteenth Century. What was the Bulgarian Public Sphere?
    Stefan Detchev, South West University, Blagoevgrad

  • Teaching the Nation to be Civilised: The Magazine Halk [Populace]
    Nazan Cicek, Faculty of Political Science, Ankara University 

  • “They Are All Rotters!”: Political Culture and Political Caricature in the Balkans, Late 19th and Early 20th Century
    Dobrinka Parusheva, Institute of Balkan Studies, Sofia

  • Heinrich Zille and the politics of caricature in Berlin 1900-1929
    Malcolm Gee, University of Northumbria

6 юли, петък

  • Lemberg, 1772-1918: Architecture, Public Space and Cultural Politics
    Markian Prokopovych, Pasts, Inc. Center for Historical Studies, CEU, Budapest

  • State-Building and the Rise of Religious Nationalism in the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century Romania
    Silviu Hariton, CEU, Budapest

  • Cultural Politics and Political Culture in Satu Mare 1919-1940
    Anders Blomqvist, Södertörn University College, Stockholm

  • The ‚Age-Value’-Theory of Alois Riegl and the Cultural-Political Construction of a National Identity in the Habsburg-Monarchy around 1900
    Michael S. Falser, Vienna

  • Art History and the 'National Question': the Case of the Vienna School 1891-1921
    Matthew Rampley, School of Arts and Media, University of Teesside

  • Czechoslovakia and Czech art history between nationalism and internationalism
    Marta Filipova, History of Art, University of Glasgow

  • “Through Savage Europe” The Balkan States Exhibition, London 1907
    Jill Steward, University of Northumbria

  • The Austro-Hungarian Palace of Culture in Sofia: the right idea on the right place in the wrong time
    Rumiana Preshlenova, Institute of Balkan Studies, Sofia

7 юли, събота

  • Political Culture and Cultural Politics in the Austrofascist State, 1934-1938
    Julie Thorpe, University of Adelaide, Australia

  • Politics, Culture and the Demise of the Axis in the Balkans
    Tim Kirk, University of Newcastle

  • Partisan Songs in the Balkans
    Yannis Sygkelos, Institute for Balkan Studies, Thessaloniki

  • The Politics of Commemoration: National Days and National Heroes in the Balkans
    Aneta Mihaylova, Institute of Balkan Studies, Sofia.

Към новина: 17/04/2007 Международен семинар "Политическа култура и културни политики в Централна и Югоизточна Европа, 1850-1950"

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