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Public Lectures by Prof. Stelios Virvidakis


Prof. Stelios Virvidakis of the University of Athens will deliver the following public lectures:  

  • on the topic of "The Proofs of God's Existence in Contemporary Analytic Philosophy". The event will take place on 2 May 2007, 13.15 h. at hall No 410 of the Department  of Theory and History of Culture (125 Tsarigradsko Shosse Bld., bld.1, fl. 4) in English language.

  • on the topic of "Wittgenstein and Negative Theology" . The lecture will be delivered within the Atelier of Phenomenology led by Assoc. Prof. Zashev on 4 May 2007, 17.15 h. at the National Academy of Arts (1 Shipka Str. , 1000 Sofia), with translation.

Stelios Virvidakis is Professor of Philosophy at the Department of Philosophy & History of Science at the University of Athens, Greece.

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