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Call for Papers: Women and Gender in Socialist Eastern Europe

CAS 17/05/2007

Call for Papers:

'Women's Lives, Gender Relations and State Policy in Central and Eastern Europe under State Socialism'

Scholars working on gender and socialism in Central and Eastern Europe are invited to submit a 500-word abstract of an essay for a collected volume examining post-89 approaches to the study, research and analysis of women's lives and issues of gender under state socialism.

We welcome submissions on a diversity of topics, which might include but are not limited to:

the role of socialist women's organizations and the socialist media in reformulating gender roles and relations and in politicizing women's lives;

changing notions of masculinity, femininity, and sexuality under socialism;

women's roles as workers, mothers, and consumers;

gender and resistance;

feminist discourse in the era of state socialism;

the interplay between official discourses and subjective experiences in shaping gender roles and identities under socialism;

revisiting feminist debates regarding the "evidence of experience" with regard to gender and socialist Eastern Europe;

everyday life as a site of resistance, negotiation, or complicity;

the politics of gender and memory in the study of socialist and post-socialist societies.

Please email or fax a 500-word abstract and CV by JUNE 15th to:

Jill Massino / Shana Penn
Program of Gender Studies / Center for Jewish Studies
Bowdoin College Graduate Theological
Brunwick, Maine Berkeley, CA
Email:  / Email: 

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