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Fall Training Sessions: CEU's Curriculum Resource Center (CRC)

CAS 23/05/2007

In the Fall 2007 semester CRC is offering the following sessions:

  • Open House Sessions in broad discipline areas

 These sessions are intended to introduce participants to CEU’s approach to a relevant discipline and new techniques for designing courses in that field. The primary target groups of the Open House sessions are junior academics who are at the beginning of their teaching career, or mid-career and senior academics who would benefit from the above offerings.

IRES: November 5 – 9 , 2007 - (deadline for applications: 25 September, 2007)

Political Sciences : November 26 – 30, 2007 - (deadline for applications: 15 October, 2007)

  • Course Innovation Sessions

The sessions are meant primarily for senior faculty with significant teaching and research experience or for outstanding, research-oriented junior faculty. By discussing recent developments and exploring contemporary debates with CEU’s host departments and faculty, participants are expected to revise or update their courses or offer new courses in their particular area of interest.

In Fall 2007 we offer the following Course Innovation Sessions:

Comparative Institutional Economics: Research Orientation and Course Structures: October 15 -19, 2007. Deadline for applications: 3 September, 2007.

Alternative Culture: New Developments in Teaching and Research: November 5 - 9, 2007. Deadline for applications: 25 September, 2007.

Legal Studies
The European Union and Human Rights - its internal and external dimensions: November 12 - 16, 2007. Deadline for applications: 1 October, 2007.

Medieval Studies and History
Title and description will be available soon. November 19 – 23, 2007. Deadline for applications: 1 October, 2007.

Aristotelian themes in contemporary metaphysics: November 19 -23, 2007. Deadline for applications: 8 October, 2007.

Environmental Sciences and Policy
Problems of developing of new Bologna-type 2-year Master courses in the field of Environmental Sciences and Policy in Eastern European countries: October 8 -12, 2007. Deadline for applications: 27 August, 2007.

You can find detailed information about CRC and its traning sessions here.

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