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"Paradise Found, or Paradise Lost? Nostalgia, Culture and Identity in Central and Eastern Europe"

CAS 11/11/2013

This conference aims to explore the many different forms nostalgia has taken in Central and Eastern Europe since in the last twenty years. Among the questions to be addressed are: What are the distinctive forms of nostalgia in the region? Where does this nostalgia come from? What
purpose(s) does it serve? What, if any, is its political agenda? Is nostalgia primarily a yearning for or a rejection of something? Whose nostalgia is it anyway? What is the relationship between nostalgia and kitsch? And how seriously does this nostalgia take itself?

Papers are invited from scholars working in a broad range of disciplines, including Slavonic and East European Studies, politics, economics, anthropology, law, business studies, linguistics, history and comparative literature.

The Call for Papers can be downloaded at: https://afrabricuru.u-paris10.fr/?p=200

Proposals, in the form of a 250-word abstract and a short cv, should be sent BY 31 JANUARY 2014 AT THE LATEST, to BOTH organisers, at: and
Abstracts may be in any of the three official language of the conference, English, French or Russian.

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