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New Honorary Fellowship at the Historische Kolleg

CAS 01/04/2014

The Historische Kolleg, an institute for the Advanced Study of the Historically Oriented Sciences,
expands its future stipend program by one further fellowship.

Highly qualified scholars are invited twice a year to live and work at the Historische Kolleg in
the the immediate vicinity of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek for a relatively short period of time (six months maximum). One-time fellows, scholars from Germany and abroad who have already left their office at university, as well as active professors and assistant professors who wish to spend their sabbatical away from their own university are thus offered the opportunity to benefit from the inspiring working atmosphere at the villa erected by Gabriel von Seidl in the heart of Munich in order to complete a larger scientific project.

This fellowship expands the existing program of the Historische Kolleg. Since 1980 the Kolleg supports scientists by offering yearlong stipends (research grants as well as scholarships) in Munich in order to enable them to complete a book at the Kaulbach-Villa. Since then, more than 100 scholars have profited from these stipends. The Honorary Fellow is a guest of the Historische Kolleg and may live and work at the Kaulbach-Villa. He or she is free to use the technical infrastructure of the house and to ask for the support by its staff. Allowances are not granted. Stipendiaries are expected to present their topic to a scientific audience in a speech or in another form during their stay at the Kolleg. Fellows are integrated into the Kolleg's daily scientific life (colloquia etc.) and profit from the great scientific opportunities that are offered by Munich as a center of science and research.

Fellows are selected by the curatorship during its periodic sessions at the beginning of July and
November each year.

Please submit an informal application (project proposal, 5 pages maximum), stating the desired
start and period of the fellowship, to the director of the Historische Kolleg:

Dr. Karl-Ulrich Gelberg
Historisches Kolleg
Kaulbachstr. 15
80539 München

49 + 89 + 23031- 1151

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