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"Качеството на управлението - сравнение между България и Чехия"

ЦАИ 04/04/2015

Институт за изследване на обществата и знанието при БАН ви кани:

на Семинар на проф. д-р Зденка Мансфелдова (Чехия) на тема

"Качеството на управлението - сравнение между България и Чехия"

Семинарът ще се проведе на 24 април (петък) от 14.00 ч в Заседателната зала на ул. Сердика 4.

Семинарът ще се проведе на английски език!


Quality of governance – Czech Republic and Bulgaria in comparison

Zdenka Mansfeldova


The main aim of the lecture is to assess democracy in the Czech Republic and Bulgaria after the EU accession with special attention paid to successes/failures and to their possible structural causes. Comparison of the Czech Republic and Bulgaria is very interesting because both are countries that after joining the EU faced many problems (corruption, clientelism, the decline of public confidence in the institutions. While in the Czech Republic the influence of the European Union after the entry has significantly weakened, in the case of Bulgaria pressure remains even after the entry of relatively strong and regular monitoring continues. Using international, comparative and theoretically anchored evaluation criteria (BTI index, SGI index SGI) the current state of the rule of law and good governance in both countries will be analyzed. The analysis will be set in the context of developments in the “new democracies “.

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