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Лекционна програма на Американски научен център в София

ЦАИ 14/09/2015

American Research Center in Sofia

Fall 2015 Schedule

Sept. 15:

Paulina Andonova (independent scholar and Gipson Fellow 2015)
Voynuk or Askeri? The Transformation of The Voynuks’ Landholdings into Askeri Chiftliks in the Context of the Ottoman Socio-Economic History

Sept. 16
Margarit Damyanov (National Institute of Archaeology with Museum, BAS and Gipson
Fellow 2015)
A Sanctuary of Demeter (?) in Apollonia Pontica: The Site and The Pottery

Sept. 17-20

CONFERENCE: Sandanski and Its Territory during Prehistory, Antiquity and Middle Ages:
Current Trends in Archaeological Research.
Organized by the American Research Center in Sofia and Archaeological Museum in Sandanski

Oct. 6
Mina Megalla (independent scholar)
Introduction to the Teachings of the Desert Fathers in the Balkans

Oct. 7
Daniela Koleva (Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”)
St. St. Cyril and Methodius: From Christian Sanctity to (Trans) National Memory

Oct. 13
Rossitsa Gradeva (American University in Bulgaria),
Late Antique Buildings in Ottoman Sofia

Oct. 16
Milena Benovska (New Bulgarian University)
The Modernization in Southeastern Europe (19th-21st c.)

Oct. 19
Evelina Kelbecheva (American University in Bulgaria)
TOPOI of Memory in Bulgaria

Nov. 3
Ivan Hristov (Institute for Literature – BAS and ARCS SE European Fellow)
The Concept of Time and Identity in the Bulgarian Literary Modernism

Nov. 5
Valentina Nedelcheva (Sofia University and ARCS SE European Fellow)
Migration and Identity Dynamics – The “New-Old” Bulgarians

Nov. 10
Christopher Mielke (Central European University and ARCS Pre-doctoral Fellow)
Bulgarian princess and Bosnian Queen Dorothy: her time as a hostage at the Hungarian court

Nov. 11

Zlatina Bogdanova (Inst. Ethnology and Folklore Studies – BAS and ARCS SE European
Cultural Heritage Management in Local Strategies of Cultural and Religious Tourism

Nov. 12

Oana Stefan (University of Pittsburgh)
Tourism and Dictatorship: Building Leisure Spaces on the Romanian Black Sea Coast and the Spanish Costa del Sol, 1960s-1970s

Nov. 19 Public reports on Site preservation and museum projects funded by ARCS in 2014-2015

*** Public lectures begin at 5:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted ***
American Research Center in Sofia
75 Vasil Petleshkov St.

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