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Call for Papers: Distinktion, Scandinavian Journal of Social Theory

CAS 27/08/2007

Call for Papers

"Violence and Conflict"
Distinktion: Scandinavian Journal of Social Theory
Special Issue

Distinktion – Scandinavian Journal of Social Theory invites papers for a special issue on violence and conflict to be published alongside the 24th Conference of the Nordic Sociological Association in Aarhus 14-17 August 2008. We believe that violence and conflict are fruitful prisms for analyzing modern social and political realities and that the community of sociologists is particularly well-placed and theoretically well-equipped to make a significant contribution to such analyses. To stimulate this debate, contributors are encouraged to deal with all aspects of violence and conflict. These can include, but are by no means limited to, the following topics:

- Political violence still occurs in modern democratic societies, but how can we explain this persistence? Religious fundamentalists, right-wing extremists and groups on the radical Left continue to use violence as a part of their strategy. How are these forms of political violence legitimized and how does society and the state counter them?

- Culture and religion are becoming the terrain for new forms of violence and conflict in a post-9/11 setting. Why are we seeing a recurrence of culture and religion as lines of conflict in modern and secular societies, and should we expect this pattern to continue in the future?

- Social movements and NGOs constantly raise conflictive issues that challenge state policies and dominant conceptions of the good society. What strategies do they employ and do they actually succeed in changing things?

- Symbolic violence and control. How can we identify and analyze such hidden and symbolic forms of violence, and what kinds of resistance do they produce?

- Violence on a global scale. Looking to the global system we encounter violence and conflict stemming from structural inequalities among and within states. Are these forms of violence the result of economic, political or cultural inequalities at the global level? And how can cosmopolitan or other normative theories contribute to a more just and peaceful world?

Submission Guidelines
Papers must be in English. For details about the Journal’s house style see: www.distinktion.dk/authors.htm

This special issue will be published in August 2008. The deadline for submitting papers is January 1, 2008. Send an electronic copy to: . Further information at: www.distinktion.dk

All submitted papers will be evaluated by the Editors, and publication decisions will be based on the double-blind peer-review process (the Editors will necessarily know the identities of all participants). The Editors are happy to receive inquiries about the issue via email.

Editors of this special issue
- Dr Carsten Bagge Laustsen
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Aarhus [email protected]
- Dr Mikkel Thorup
Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy and the History of Ideas, University of Aarhus

- Dr Lars Thorup Larsen
Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Aarhus [email protected]
- Thor Hvidbak,

Distinktion: Scandinavian Journal of Social Theory publishes innovative papers, which make a substantial contribution to social theory. The Journal invites articles from sociology, political theory, cultural and legal studies, anthropology, and philosophy that provide original perspectives on the social. Based in a Scandinavian context, characterized by prioritizing no single theoretical horizon, the Journal creates a space for theoretical contestation that includes both continental and Anglo-American traditions.

Distinktion has published original papers by a number of prominent international scholars, including Nikolas Rose, Engin F. Isin, Rob Shields, Mitchell Dean, Slavoj Žižek, Karin Knorr Cetina, Harrison C. White, Richard Swedberg, Jürgen Habermas, David M. Rasmussen, Jens Bartelson, and Eric Alliez. Special issues have appeared on Niklas Luhmann, Carl Schmitt, health, the city, war, Empire, economic sociology, political globalization, Gabriel Tarde, political theology, concepts of politics, and bioeconomy.

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