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Between class and nation: Labour and identity in late socialism

CAS 12/10/2015

Between class and nation: Labour and identity in late socialism, panel proposal for ASN
New York City, 12-14 April 2016.

We are seeking one or two papers to complete a panel on labour movements, class based identities and nationalism in late socialism at the ASN Convention (Association for the Study of Nationalities) in New York in April 2016. (http://nationalities.org/uploads/documents/ASN16_Call_for_Papers.pdf)

The focus of our research is Yugoslavia in the 1980s but we are open to proposals dealing with other late socialist contexts (e.g. USSR, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria…) based on empirical research.

Although socialist societies like Yugoslavia were officially predicated on the privileged position of the working class, labour movements and class based identities remain under-researched (despite often being at the forefront of mass social movements in late socialism, e.g. Solidarity in Poland, late 1980s strikes in Yugoslavia). This panel takes the agency of workers and class based identities seriously and explores the ways in which working class identity intersected with nationalism (or not).

In order to meet the approaching application deadline please submit an abstract of under 300 words and a biographical statement of under 100 words to and no later than 19.10.2015.

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