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Публична лекция на д-р Бен Карвър: "An Entangled Forest: Evolution and Speculative Fiction"

ЦАИ 13/03/2018

Семинарът за хуманитаристи и Софийският литературоведски семинар ви канят на публична лекция на д-р Бен Карвър (Falmouth University) на 28 март 2018 г. от 18 ч. в Нова конферентна зала, СУ на тема

An Entangled Forest: Evolution and Speculative Fiction:

Evolutionary theory and the alternate history both imagine returning to a moment in the past when life might have turned out differently; by doing so, they can serve as counter-narratives to worldviews that assert design or providence. This lecture will refer to the “entangled forest” that Darwin observed at Tierra del Fuego as a figure to describe the accidental and contingent character of natural history, and to describe the exercise of imagining variant human histories in nineteenth-century literature and thought—in the words of the philosopher Charles Renouvier, “the entangled hypotheses that press upon the steps of the alternate historian.” It is also a fitting description of conspiracy narratives, whose hypersensitivity to networks of association makes entanglement an aesthetic principle of the literary form.

Лекцията и дискусията след нея ще се проведат на английски език.

Кога: 28 март 2018, 18 ч.
Къде: Нова конферентна зала

Dr. Ben Carver
(Falmouth University, UK, Associate Lecturer in English), е автор на Alternate Histories and Nineteenth-Century Literature: Untimely Meditations (Pallgrave: London, 2017). Д-р Б. Карвър ще участва и в workshop на тема "Fictionality and Counterfactuality": “Utopian Desire, Counterfactual Regret, and the Consolation of Multiple Worlds” (4 април, 17 ч., Зала 2, Ректорат, СУ).

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