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Liberty ’56. Side View on Hungarian Upspring

CAS 22/10/2007

Exhibition (October 22 (Monday), 7.00 p.m., Red Hall of the Red House - more) of the archive "Horus" (Sandor Kardos' collection of photographies from 1956 with the support of the Hungarian Cultural Institute - Stuttgart)

The amateur photo pictures of Budapest events, specially selected by Ivo Hadjimishev will reconstruct the image of the revolutionary and gloomy routine of the citizens of Budapest in the hot autumn days of 1956. The archive materials from the Golden fund of voice recordings of the Bulgarian National Radio will draw the sound picture of the media narrative in a “brother country”, as ours, which even though had not sent troops for drowning the Revolution, was echoing the official version and hiding the glance behind the curtain of the official history. The glance of the citizens… presented two generations later…

Debate (October 23 - 31, every day except Sunday and Monday, between 3.00 p.m. and 7.00 p.m., The Red House) on the echo of the Hungarian Revolution in Bulgaria.

With the participation of: Ivo Hadzhimishev (photographer), Lazar Tzvetkov (book reviewer), assoc. prof. Liliana Deianova (sociologist, SU „St.Kliment of Ohrid") and Plamen Dojnov (New Bulgarian University)

A debate on the gap between the official media propaganda and the existential perception of the people and passers-by the official version of the story.

In collaboration with the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Sofia.

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