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Стипендии за визуални артисти и писатели на Институт за академични изследвания, CEU

ЦАИ 08/11/2019

Call for Applications 2020-21


The Institute for Advanced Study at CEU (IAS CEU) invites applications for its Artist in Residence Program for the academic year 2020/2021. Since 2015, the Artist in Residence Program defines one of the Institute’s core programs and is integral part of its activities. Whereas in some years an annual theme framed the program, the 2020/21 fellowship offers an open call.

To be in residence at IAS CEU means: to work and participate in an academic community, to receive technical and artistic assistance and to be immersed in a vibrant city's cultural life. While in residence, artists benefit from an intense production time enhanced by the exchange of ideas and experiences with fellows of the Institute. The Institute views art and scholarship as complementary rather than separate activities, which interact dynamically and encourage mutual productivity.

Addition information in the attached PDF.

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