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"Emotion, Space and Society"

CAS 23/10/2007

Call for Papers

For more information: http://www.elsevier.com/wps/locate/emospa
Online submission: http://ees.elsevier.com/emospa/

New Journal for 2008!

Emotion, Space and Society provides a forum for interdisciplinary debate on theoretically informed research on the emotional intersections between people and places. The journal aims are conceived to encourage investigations of feelings and affect in various spatial and social contexts, environments and landscapes. Questions of emotion are relevant to a variety of disciplines, and submissions will be sought from across the full spectrum of the
humanities and social sciences.

Submissions will investigate the multiplicity of spaces and places that produce and are produced by emotional and affective life, representing an inclusive range of theoretical and methodological engagements with emotion as a social, cultural and spatial phenomenon.
The launch of this journal represents a unique and timely opportunity to explore exciting new ways to think about natures, cultures and histories of emotional life.

Contributions are anticipated from authors who call upon and develop issues emerging from work on emotion from feminist, geographical, historical, philosophical, psychotherapeutic, sociological, anthropological, political and other disciplinary perspectives and from the spatial turn in cultural theory.

The journal also has obvious connections with the recent resurgence of interest in the importance of 'everyday' life as a social category and with interactions between place, identity and felt values.

The journal will publish research articles, review articles, and a variety of shorter opinion and editorial pieces designed to stimulate debate, together with book reviews and book review essays. Innovative presentational formats are encouraged.

For possible publication in 2008, submissions to Emotion, Space and Society MUST BE RECEIVED BY JANUARY 15, 2008.

EDITORS, Emotion, Space and Society
Dr. Joyce Davidson, Queen's University, Canada

Dr. Liz Bondi, University of Edinburgh, UK

Dr. Elspeth Probyn, The University of Sydney, Australia

Dr. Mick Smith, Queen's University, Canada

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