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Докторантски стипендии: "Китайските отношения със страните от Източна и Централна Европа"

ЦАИ 22/01/2020

The University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) предлага пълни докторантски стипендии за изследвания, свързани с отношенията на Китай с Централна и Източна Европа.

Краен срок за кандидатстване: 15 май 2020.

Повече информация можете да намерите ТУК.

This call invites applications interested in the examination of the political, economic, and social impact of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in Europe. The focus will be on the so-called ‘17+1’ mechanism, which brings together China and 17 Central and Easter European (CEE) countries. The intention is to examine the impact of China-CEE relations on the broader pattern of China’s relations with Europe, on the one hand, and realignments within Europe, on the other. Situated within the broader framework of the BRI, the ‘17 + 1’ has provided a unique regional arrangement for extending Chinese influence in the CEE countries.

The investigation will examine:

* whether the ‘17+1’ offers a new form of Chinese-led region-building, which underscores connectivity, diversity, and cross-cultural cosmopolitanism; or

* whether it presents a new version of the old rivalry of great powers for regional influence that presaged two world wars.

With the aim of taking stock of the existing China-CEE relationship, this project will critically assess the implications of the “17+1”. To achieve this goal, the proposal will focus on four distinct, yet mutually reinforcing levels of analysis: 1) geopolitical, 2) geoeconomic, 3) historical, and 3) socio-cultural. At all these four levels the academic and policy implications of the research will be imbricated so as to provide a meaningful and relevant framework for the explanation and understanding of the “17+1” mechanism. The projected research intends to develop a comprehensive overview of China-CEE relationship with the aim of providing a framework for the meaningful explanation and understanding of the evolution, present dynamics, and future trajectories of the “17+1” mechanism.

Informal inquiries may be addressed to LDS Chair Professor Emilian Kavalski ([email protected]), but formal applications should follow the instructions in ‘How to apply’ section. Please specify 2003BRI_EK as scholarship reference code when submitting application.

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