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Training Programme: Early Independence For Post-Docs

CAS 15/01/2008

Call for Applications by 31 January 2008

A Continuing Professional Development programme for the human sciences
(e.g. social sciences, life sciences and humanities)

Sponsored by the Research Network 1989 and endorsed by the Marie Curie Fellowship Association.

9167 applications were received by the European Research Council in 2007 for the Starting
Independent Researcher Grant (SIRG). 559 applicants were invited to submit full proposals by
September 2007 and about 300 applicants did receive a grant. There exists broad consensus that with the shift to a knowledge-based economy, increasing global competition and retiring
incumbents, post-doctoral researchers need to be enabled to become principal investigators
sooner and more effectively. Post-doctoral researchers need:

* Access to greater resources such as research funds and principal investigator awards;
* Free and secure trans-national mobility that enhances career opportunities;
* Interchange between public and private research organisations.

Professional development and structured oversight through mentors and written research plans have been identified as bringing the most substantial and broad-ranging benefits to post-docs.

We invite applications for a multi-year programme of professional development, mentorship and research planning. Post-docs will be systematically prepared to become a principal investigator and manage research teams. We are looking for applicants who have 1. Been awarded at least one post-doctoral research or mobility grant; 2. International experience as exemplified by holding educational qualifications from at least two different countries, or else having held mobility fellowships cumulatively for more than 15 months; 3. Awareness of the importance of principal investigators for the knowledge economy and information society, possibly with experience in knowledge-based industries and services.

Applicants are requested to submit a) a one-page letter of motivation; b) a short curriculum vitae with essential data; and c) a preliminary sketch of a research and career plan for the next couple of years in no more than 500 words. Peers that have some track record of collaboration are encouraged to apply together. We are cognisant that of the 559 selected applicants for the 2007 ERC SIRG only 24% were women and only 5% were from the new member states of the European Union. Accordingly, we encourage application to this programme. Please submit your application in a single file with your name as file name (e.g. yourname.pdf) no later than 31 January 2008 to
The 20 successful applicants that form the first cohort will be invited to a networking and training event from 23 to 27 May 2008 at Gut Siggen on the Baltic Coast, near Hamburg, Germany - courtesy of the Alfred Toepfer Foundation F.V.S.

Further information HERE or PDF (page 6)

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