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"Reflection: Self-referentiality in Epistemology and the Social World"

CAS 30/03/2008

Studies written on the occasion of the the discussion series organized by the Centre for Advanced Study Sofia, 2004 - 2006, under the title "The Concept of Reflection and Reflexive Approaches in the Social Sciences and the Humanities".

Selected and edited by Blagovest Zlatanov

Published by Centre for Advanced Study and RIVA Publishers
Sofia 2008

Table of Contents

Blagovest Zlatanov - Aspects of Reflection in the Social Sciences and the Humanities: A Discussion Series at the Centre for Advanced Study, Sofia, Bulgaria / 11

Margarita Dilova - Authentic Self-knowledge as a Problem of Psychology / 41

Orlin Todorov - Psychoanalytical Perspectives on Reflection / 55

Boris Grozdanoff - The Conflict of Rights / 65

David Durst - Reflection, Reflexivity and Democracy / 75

Deyan Deyanov - Bourdieu: Ontological Complicity as an Issue of Reflective Sociology / 87

Lilyana Deyanova - Reflexivity and Critique / 103

Svetlana Sabeva - ,,To Understand": An Early Heideggerian Motif in the Late Bourdieu / 115

Todor Petkov - Practical Logic and Reflexivity / 125

Ina Dimitrova - Reflexivity in a Post-foundationalist Perspective / 129

Dominica A. Yaneva - An Empirical Approach to Human Knowledge. The Reflexive and Supra-Reflexive Position /145

Luca Zucchi - Image, Language and Knowledge: Iconophobia and Iconophilia in the Epistemological Debate / 157

Elena Alexieva - What Do We Do When We Translate? An Essay on Translation as Reflection / 181

Blagovest Zlatanov - A Late Poem by Novalis Seen through the Prism of Fichte's Early Perception of Reflection / 193

Reflection: Self-referentiality in Epistemology and the Social World. Resumes and Contributors / 213

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