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Информационен бюлетин на Център за академични изследвания за 2007 г.

ЦАИ 15/04/2008

Излезе от печат информационният бюлетин за дейностите, проектите и инициативите на Център за академични изследвания София за 2007 г.

Може да свалите бюлетина в електронен вариант ТУК.

Бюлетинът се изадава на английски език.


Institutional Impetus: Project Parade: Shaken Order – Authority and Social Trust in Post-Communist Societies ... and our interview with Prof. Dr Dieter Grimm

New Fellows

Project in Progress: Regimes of Historicity and Discourses of Modernity and Identity, 1900-45,
in East-Central, Southeast and Northern Europe

Workshops & Conferences:
- International Workshop on Regimes of Historicity
- SCOPES Project Conference, University of Fribourg
- Discussion Series

A New Start: Natural Sciences and Social Worlds

Pluralist Rediscoveries of the Nature Landscape

CAS Guest Lecture Series:
- Prof. Dr Marta Petrusewicz
- Dr Franziska Metzger
- Prof. Dr Dieter Grimm
- Prof. Dr Sujata Patel

CAS ‘Academic Dialogues’ Series: Studies of the Scientific and Technological Developments
in Post-Socialist Bulgaria

Document Drawer: CAS in Support of the Right оf Freedom of Research

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