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HUMANICUS Call for Papers and Reviewers

CAS 29/05/2008


Humanicus is an academic journal concentrating on social sciences, humanities and philosophy, at the address www.humanicus.org. Technically, essays that can be classified as belonging to any social science are accepted for review and potential publishing. For now, we
are accepting works in following areas:

- Linguistics (general linguistics, English studies, Serbocroatian studies, Swedish studies, Chinese studies)
- Culture studies (sometimes referred to as culturology) and anthropology
- Sociology
- Philosophy

As the number of our reviewers grows, so will the count of the areas for which we accept essays.

The concept of Humanicus is, in its ideal form, to publish essays in any and all world languages. In practice, that means that articles shall be accepted for review and publishing in those languages for which we at the moment have proofreaders for. We naturally hope that the number of the languages will grow during time. For the time being, we are accepting articles in English, Serbo-Croatian, Swedish and Chinese (Mandarin). As the number of languages  grows, we will post information on the web page.

Humanicus is an electronic journal. The newest issue will always be downloadable in a .pdf format from this address, for free, as it is the opinion of the editor and the reviewing board that academic education should be available to all, not only to those with a deep pocket.

The journal comprises three parts:

1) The standard academic essay section - In this section, standard academic essays shall be published. Holders of any and all academic degrees are invited to submit their papers, in accordance with the current call for papers.

2) Reviews - Reviews of relevant books, essays, articles, even fiction books are accepted in this section.

3) The student section - Maybe even the most important of sections, the student section will
concentrate on students, those who still have not achieved official academic expertise and still haven't received an academic title. The general idea is to promote academic writing amongst students. The level of expertise for academic writing is not easy to achieve, and students are seldom encouraged to write academically. This section should help students in honing their writing skills during the course of their studies. We invite all students (especially final-year
students, seniors) to send us their essays. The essays shall be reviewed by a member of the reviewing board in accordance with the topic, after which the essay shall be sent back to the student with ideas and comments about how to make the essay better. Once the student has corrected the essay, he or she will resubmit, after which the review board will choose whether it will be published or not.

The call for papers for the second issue of humanicus is officially open. You can send your essays to the e-mail . Essays are currently accepted in English, Serbo-Croatian, Chinese and Swedish. The deadline for the second issue is June 30th. The review may take several months.


We are currently accepting reviewers for the Humanicus academic journal. Potential reviewers should hold a PhD title in fields such as humanities, social sciences and philosophy. Multilingual candidates will be given preference. All world languages are accepted.

Please send your CV to

Srdjan Jovanovic, Dipl. Phil., M.A.
HUMANICUS academic journal

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