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Religions and Values in Central and Eastern Europe

CAS 09/12/2008

Call for grants

The FP6 supported research network of REVACERN is publishing a call for a grant in the following topics:

* Changing Religiosity ­ values and moralities
* New religious phenomena and religious renewal
* Orthodoxy in Central and Eastern Europe
* Religion and media
* The correlations of religious and national-ethnic identity
* Social activities of religious communities and civil organisations
* Values and religions in education
* Legal status of religious communities
* Policy making

The topics mentioned are trying to describe the complex process developing after the Central and Eastern European region after the political juncture in 1989/1991. The description of the religion and value-related procedure has not only scientific goals, rather applied ­the knowledge and context gathered will be transformed into functional alternatives and activity guides for decision makers and influential factors for public opinion within the region and the European Union. The religion is a society-builder factor and potential for conflict at the same time. The discourse of the religious dimensions of a nation, its political and juridical handling needs a constant follow-up of the processes, and from the part of experts of study of religion expects an
active participation in public debates and policy makings.

The ideal applicant has a MA degree in study of religion or any social sciences, is a PhD student or has a recent PhD degree, has experience in scientific research, publication, conference participation. Near English, knows at least one Eastern European language, is affiliated in a university or research institute.

The application should contain an essay, which should contain the followings:

- the selected topic, a motivation of the selection at first former works on the selected topic
- short reference of the international bibliography of the selected topics
- detailed elaboration of the regional relevancy of the topic, with aspects of comparison
- description of grounded hypotheses

Send your application until Dec. 20. to . Applications will be evaluated by the international researcher team of REVACERN.

Schedule of application:
- call for grant: Nov. 15.
- deadline for application: Dec. 20.
- evaluation and selection: Jan. 20.
- specification of topics and contract signatures Febr. 27.

The winners receive a 6 month grant (from March to August) with a monthly 500 EUR grant. The winners should participate on the final conference of REVACERN in September 2009.

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