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"1989 – Images of Change"

CAS 18/03/2009

A European search for traces (for the age-group 1980 until 1991)

The history network for young Europeans - EUSTORY - initiates the first pan-European search for traces of 1989. This project calls those born in the years of change between the Polish strike of 1980 and the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. The online competition (www.1989history.eu) offers prizes of a value of 20,000€ and concludes with an award ceremony in November 2009 in Brussels. Closing date is June 30th, 2009.

This year the fall of the iron curtain has its 20th anniversary. For many this is already faraway history. Who can imagine how Europe was divided into East and West in times when there were no fast transport connections, freedom of mobility, Internet or cheap and easy access to fax and phone.

20 years ago high politics as well as people’s daily life changed within a short period of time.

The idea is to recall this moment with the help of pictures: photos, postal cards, letters, dairies, and newspaper articles, everything, which serves as a visual memory of this time. Most interesting are private items of time witnesses – not only in the East. People in the West have memories of 1989 as well, e.g. the many newcomers or own journeys.

EUSTORY is a network of history contests, which is active in 22 states. The Nobel Prize for Peace winner Martti Ahtisaari, the Polish survivor of Auschwitz Władysław Bartoszewski and former president of the EU Commission Jacques Delors support the organisation serving as patrons.

In 2007 German Federal President Horst Köhler awarded EUSTORY with the Nationalpreis of the Deutsche Nationalstiftung.

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