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CAS 20/03/2009

Втори брой от бюлетина на ЦАИYou can download the full text as PDF.


- Institutional Impetus - Project Parade

- An overview of Project Accomplishment: CAS – Fribourg SCOPES Programme & CAS
Shaken Order Project
-  … Research Yields ... or how it feels to work at CAS ...

- ... and Our New Fellows'
Expectations …

- ‘Meet’ Negotiating Modernity: History of Modern Political Thought in East-Central Europe
CAS New Fellows

- The Negotiating Modernity Project

- The Shaken Order Project

- The Regimes of Historicity Project
CAS Discussion Series

- Studying Peoples in the People’s Democracies II: Book Presentation

- Outlines on Anthropology in Southeastern Europe: an interview with Vintila˘ Miha˘ilescu, Ilia
Iliev and Slobodan Naumović
CAS Guest Lecture Series

- Professor Claus Offe: The European Union after Eastern Enlargement

- … ‘It is absolutely wrong to adopt a Euro-sceptic attitude’…Our Interview with Prof. Offe

- CAS Retrospective Calendar of Events

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