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Balkan Heritage Field School Projects in 2010

CAS 04/03/2010

Balkan Heritage (BH) Field School is currently accepting applications for six projects (in 2010) in the area of Archaeology, Art History, Restoration and Conservation of artifacts and monuments, Fine Arts and Christian art..

Thank to the partnership with New Bulgarian University, Sofia 6 academic credits (for two-week projects) and 9 academic credits (for four-week projects) will be granted
upon request to students who attend to these projects.

Balkan Heritage (BH) Field School (est. 2003) functions as a legal part of Balkan Heritage Foundation – a Bulgarian public, non-profit, non-governmental organization. It implements various educative projects in the areas of Archaeology, Cultural Anthropology, Folklore, Art History, Restoration and Conservation of artefacts and monuments, Fine Arts and Theology with participation of students, scholars and volunteers from all over the World.

Balkan Heritage Mission is to support study, protection, restoration and promotion of sites, artifacts and practices belonging or related to the cultural heritage of South-Eastern Europe.

Projects' location: Bulgaria, Macedonia

Projects’ language: ENGLISH

For additional information: www.bhfieldschool.org

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