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Journal Southeastern Europe

CAS 05/03/2010

Call for papers

Journal Southeastern Europe (http://www.brill.nl/seeu)

Eastern Europe has disappeared, first, in the re-emergence of the distinction between Central and Balkan Europe, and second, in the integration of the former to the European Union.

Eastern Europe is dead, long live Southeastern Europe.

Transitology is out of fashion. What comes next?

"Southeastern Europe" is a peer-reviewed journal. The journal aims to be a pioneer in the contextualization and conceptualization of South East European developments.

From a theoretical point of view, *Southeastern Europe* is intended to be pluridisciplinary and interdisciplinary in character and to use a comparative approach to the analysis.

Editor-in Chief: Anna Krasteva, New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria;

Executive Editor: Stefano Bianchini, University of Bologna, Italy;

Associate Editors: Florian Bieber, University of Kent, UK; Gvozdan Flego, University of Zagreb, Croatia; Henry Huttenbach, the City College of New York, USA;

Editorial Board: George Contogeorgis, Pantheion University, Greece; Zdravko Grebo, University of Sarajevo, BiH; Damir Grubia, University of Zagreb, Croatia; Du¹an Janjiæ, Forum for Ethnic Relations, Belgrade, Serbia; Joseph Marko, University of Graz, Austria; Julie Mostov, Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA; Günay Göksu Ozdogan, Marmara University, Turkey; Francesco Privitera, University of Bologna, Italy; Violette Rey, Ecole Normale Superieure, Lyon, France; Mikola Riabchuk, University of Kiev, Ukraine; Rudolf Rizman, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia;

Articles for "Southeastern Europe" can be submitted online through Editorial Assistant, Sara Barbieri, at

Book Reviews for "Southeastern Europe" can be submitted online through Book Review Editor Assistant, Aurora Domeniconi, at

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