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Joint Balkan History Project

CAS 20/04/2010

The Joint History Project (JSP) of the Center for Democracy and Reconciliation in Southeast Europe (CDRSEE)


The JHP is a long-term participative project that brings together historians, teachers, pedagogues, CSOs and students to work together towards the emergence of democratic and peaceful societies in the region, through multi-perspective history education.

The aim is to revise ethnocentric school history teaching by avoiding the production of stereotypes, by identifying attitudes that encourage conflict, by suggesting alternative teaching methods, and by promoting the idea of multiple interpretations of one event. History that instils values of academic rigour and critical analysis would serve as a solid basis for democracy, reconciliation and tolerance in Southeast Europe.

The JHP is divided into two sections, one overseen by the Academic Committee, first chaired by Professor Maria Todorova and currently chaired by Professor Fikret Adanir, and the other overseen by the History Education Committee, chaired by Professor Christina Koulouri, with Professor Halil Berktay and Dr. Dubravka Stojanovic as Vice-Chairs.

In order to achieve the aims set out by the Joint History Project, the CDRSEE, created four Alternative History Education Workbooks, designed to be introduced with teacher training and ongoing teacher support.

Workbook 1: The Ottoman Empire

Workbook 2: Nations and States in Southeast Europe

Workbook 3: The Balkan Wars

Workbook 4: The Second World War

The workbooks are available at: http://cdsee.org/jhp/download_eng.html (in: English, Boshnjak, Greek, Macedonian, Croatian, Albanian, Turkish and Serbian)

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