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Call for Papers: The Legacy of the Chicago School

CAS 22/02/2007

13th – 14th September 2007

University of Manchester, England
Social Theorists, Methodologies and Methods Conference
Guest Speaker: Howard Becker


What are the main themes for this conference?
The ‘Chicago School’ of sociology is famous. So famous it has become a generic term for a range of perspectives, approaches and methods that are rarely cited. Who now cites Robert Ezra Park, Albion Small, Walter C. Reckless, Ruth Shonle Cavan, Edward Franklin Frazier, Everett Hughes, Roderick D. McKenzie, Frederick M. Thrasher, Ernest Burgess, Homer Hoyt or Louis Wirth? One occasionally sees W.I. Thomas and Florian Znaniecki cited (but not Dorothy Swain). George Herbert Mead is still a major source of theory and concepts. But what of the detailed empirical work of Harvey Warren Zorbaugh, Charles Edward Merriam, Samuel C Kincheloe, Harold Foote Gosnell and Nels Anderson?

The methods of ethnographic fieldwork, participant observation, life histories, personal documents (letters, diaries), population statistics, maps, real estate pricing, and interviewing were all developed and widely used. The list of topics they investigated and established is long and includes urban sociology, community studies, immigration, racism, inequality, identity and adaptation, political participation, leisure and commercialized entertainment, African American politics, exclusion, community radicalism, religion, white peoples’ perceptions of black communities, social problems, traditions, sub-cultures, urban planning, institutionalization, social reform, social mobility…

Conference Organizers
Dr Pete Martin, Department of Sociology, University of Manchester, England

Dr Dave Francis Manchester Metropolitan University, England

Dr Chris Hart email: ;

We invite proposals between 200-250 words for a 40 minute paper that examines the legacy of the Chicago School. Deadline is 17th May 2007.

We appreciate the following organizations for their support Midrash Publishing.

We aim to publish a selection of papers in the Journal of Classic Sociology.
Other papers are to be published in a book.

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