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The Media Revival of Patriotism. You Are Not Alone Campaign: Pros and Cons



There’s hardly any Bulgarian who hasn’t heard of the campaign in support of the Bulgarian nurses in Libya. The support of the campaign seems to be nation-wide; however, some critical voices can be heard as well. What are the media mechanisms of evoking patriotic emotions?

A debate on the revival of patriotic issues and themes in Bulgarian media. With the participation of the journalists Lyuba Rizova (bTV) and Stoyana Georgieva (www.mediapool.bg) and the researchers Ivan Ilchev (historian) and Georgi Kapriev (philosopher)

Moderator: Koprina Chervenkova

Part of INFOWARROOM debate series, with the support of Culture 2000 programme of the EU and the Netherlands Culture Fund.

INFOWARROOM offers media criticism and analysis of dominant visual cultures. Operating in three European cities - De Balie (Amsterdam), The Red House (Sofia) and Victoria Deluxe (Ghent).

March 21 (Wednesday), 6.30 p.m.
In Bulgarian.

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