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"The History of Southeast Europe. From the Early Middle Ages to the Present"

CAS 12/12/2011

The Institute for South-East Studies (Südost-Institut) Regensburg, Germany and the Institute for Eastern European History at the University of Vienna, Austria present:

Geschichte Südosteuropas. Vom frühen Mittelalter bis zur Gegenwart [The History of Southeast Europe. From the Early Middle Ages to the Present], edited by Konrad Clewing / Oliver Jens Schmitt, copy editor: Peter Mario Kreuter, Regensburg: Verlag Friedrich Pustet 2011. XL, p. 839 +34 maps, € 39,90, ISBN 978-3-7917-2368-6 (hardcover)

The History of Southeast Europe is the collective work of 14 experienced scholars from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary and the Netherlands, with contributions from Ulf Brunnbauer, Konrad Clewing, Thede Kahl, Markus Koller, Peter Mario Kreuter, Michael Portmann, Günter Prinzing, Beatrix F. Romhányi, Harald Roth, Oliver Jens Schmitt, Gottfried Schramm, Holm Sundhaussen, Daniel Ursprung und Wim van Meurs.

For the first time in any language, the book gives a comprehensive overview of the region’s history from the middle ages to today. On the one hand it offers an ample historical survey, on the other hand it suggests a set of groundbreaking interpretations in a broad European context. Furthermore, the volume delivers a regional perspective on historical events opposed to the narrow national perspectives in use. It is particular useful for historians, but also for scholar of other disciplines interested in the region.

The 34 maps were specially put together for this volume.

For further information see http://www.buchhandel.de/detailansicht.aspx?isbn=9783791723686

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