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Call for Papers: Sociology Mind

CAS 20/01/2012

Sociology Mind
ISSN Online: 2160-0848

Sociology Mind (SM) is an international journal (Open Access) dedicated to synergize sociological imagination in the 21st century toward a critical understanding of new social and cultural forces that call for scientific interpretation and analysis of facts and values.

+ Promote analytical research and inquiry in socio-cultural aspects of human conditions that warrant scientific interventions;

+ Develop sociological models and methods to unravel and resolve inter-and-intra-societal problems that cause dysfunctional behaviors among people, communities and nations;

+ Foster interdisciplinarity as a vehicle of scientific dialogue and communication toward a better world

Editor in Chief: Prof. Asafa Jalata, University of Tennessee, USA

Editorial Board

Prof. Mario I. Aguilar, University of St. Andrews., UK
DR. Mohammed H. Ali, Georgia State University, USA
DR. Jin Young Choi, Sam Houston State University, USA
DR. Wing Hong Chui, University of Hong Kong, China
DR. Isabella Crespi, University of Macerata, Italy
Prof. Wilma A. Dunaway, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA
Prof. Ezekiel B. Gebissa, Kettering University, USA
Prof. Faye V. Harrison, University of Florida, USA
Prof. Madhu S. Mohanty, California State University, USA
DR. Jason L. Powell, University of Central Lancashire, UK
Prof. Daryll Ray, University of Tennessee, USA
Prof. William I. Robinson, University of California-Santa Barbara, USA
Prof. Wanda Rushing, University of Memphis, USA
DR. Harwood D. Shaffer, University of Tennessee, USA

+ All manuscripts must be prepared in English.
+ Review paper is warmly welcome.
+ Submit your paper via online submission system:
+ To expedite the review process, please format your reference as the guideline,
+ Please visit journal homepage for more information (www.scirp.org/journal/sm)

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