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Evaluation Report on the Centre for Advanced Study

CAS 20/06/2012

The scientific and institutional evaluation presented in this report was commissioned by the Board of Trustees of the Centre for Advanced Study Sofia.

The evaluation is conducted in accordance with the standards and procedures of the German Council of Sciences and Humanities (Wissenschaftsrat, responsible for the accreditation and evaluation of German universities and research organizations.

The evaluation was conducted by:

Prof. Dr. Oliver Schmitt (Department of History of Eastern and Southeastern Europe, University of Vienna), scholar of international reputation in the fields of the social history, politics and economy of Southeastern Europe, he is also member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Silviana Galassi (German Council of Sciences and Humanities – Wissenschaftsrat), expert in the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities. She has research background in the fields of history and law.

More details can be found in the Evaluation report published as PDF.

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