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Статии на Ерик Хобсбаум със свободен достъп

ЦАИ 12/10/2012

Някои статии на Ерик Хобсбаум със свободен достъп в списание "Past & Present":

* The Machine Breakers (1952)

* The Crisis of The 17th Century—II (1954)

* The General Crisis of the European Economy in the 17th Century (1954)

* Twentieth–Century British Politics (1957)

* Discussion of H. R. Trevor-Roper: “The General Crisis Of The Seventeenth Century.”II (1960)

* The Social Function Of The Past: Some Questions (1972)

* Peasant Land Occupations (1974)

* The Revival Of Narrative: Some Comments (1980)

* Political Shoemakers (1980)

* Past And Present: Origins And Early Years (1983)

* A Life in History (2002)

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