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Mathematical formalism and reality How Hilbert space combined Schrödingers ondulatory mechanics with Heisenbergs matrix mechanics Wave-corpuscular dualism from a logical viewpoint On the relations in Russell Schrödingers paper on the equivalence of the two formulations The conditions for such eqivalence Matter as a funcion of its boudaries Quantum correlations and insoluble statements Relationships by themselves and relational ontology Again about the element of reality Platos Cave in the computers age Dual vector spaces Hypermaximal operators and physical quantities Schrödingers equation Yang and Yin The Lagrange and Hamilton formalism of mechanics The approch of Gibbs The principle of conservation of extension-in-phase Hidden parameters and possible worlds A real object being in a possible state of another Diracs δ-function Schwartz distributions Inseparable and rigged Hilberts spaces What about Lorentz invariance? Wave-corpuscular dualism The being of a quantum entity as a question The answer, or again about the choice Shannon information The curling of actuality by chance Simultaneity and eventuality The relativity of discreteness and continuality Bra and ket vectors and their space The Riesz representation theorem Weak and strong topology The impossibility of absolutely immovable body Superquantum correlations? The Wightman axioms of quantum field The approaces of Gibbs and Einstein for statistical description The outlined context and the meaning of von Neumanns theorem Cauasality in von Neumann A taoist ilustration of it On hidden parameters Russells non-symmetrical relations One or more time series The axiom of choice and the repeated choice If we postulate correlations, and deduce indetermimism No-signaling principle and non-signaling theories Simultaneity in quantum mechanics and in relativity Simultaneous immeasurablity andsimultaneous undecidablity The premisses of the theorem Tsallis information The exact statement of the theorem and its meaning Hermitian, maximal, and hypermaximal operators A Skolemian interpretation of the argument EPR Again about dualistic Pythagoreanism Isometric and unitary operators Time as a hidden parameter Conservation and identity


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