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Civil society and the Women's Market

Nikola A Venkov 
Ключови думи
гражданско общество, градска политика, градски конфликт, дискурсивна теория, хегемонен дискурс
Here I present a successful example of citizen action, mobilised by a local urban social conflict. I analyse how the action group constitutes itself, organises and achieves success in influencing municipal policy. This study lends concreteness to the notion of "civil society" that in Bulgaria is still seen largely as an abstract ideal. It counters the widely held idea that here policy-making is beyond the reach of the common citizen and that Bulgarian society is not yet able to mobilise for defending its rights and interests. My argument here is that the most powerful weapon that civil society can use is its mastery on shaping public discourse.
Finally, I show that civil society does not automatically roduce empowerment and widen democratic participation. I show that it brings along its own dynamics of conflict, power and exclusion. I argue that the ideal vision of expanding civil society can be seen as leading to an arms race in struggles between social groups.

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