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Olympism and Globalism

Tsonev, Stayko 
Ключови думи
глобална епоха, глобален елит, глобална култура, олимпийска култура
The process of globalization is a process of structural transformation of social systems in all countries beyond Modernity. Social Stratification in the global society is enriched with a new measure - mobility measures than those of the modern era - education, income, job prestige, power. The global elite create, the taste, and the rules of social play in the Global Age i.e. the main characteristics of global culture. The contemporary Olympism, which appeared at the end of the Modernity, is the first major manifestation of globalization. Other global organizations appear later and mostly after World War II. The fundamental values and norms of Olympic philosophy are values and norms of globalization. Olympic culture should be regarded as the basis of culture in the Global Age. Olympic Movement as a configuration can be considered as a model of social organizations in the Global Age.

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