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Rumiana Stoilova
[email protected]
Персонални данни
Образование и кариера
Senior Research fellow ; PhD in Sociology; MSc in Sociology.
1997-2004 -South West University, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria,Associate professor, Social Stratification ;
2007 - University of Veliko Tarnovo -

Лични интереси
Literature - literature in Germany; literature written by women; totalitarian past;
Protection of nature - investigations and civil angagiment to green initiatives.

Работни езици
English, German
Академични данни
Associate Prof.

Поле на изява
Sociology, Anthropology, Political, Cultural Studies,

Работно място
Institute of Sociology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, since 1982

Изследователски интереси
Social Stratification, Family and Welfare State, Educational Inequalities, Gender Studies,Comparative investigations.
Impact of Gender on the Occupational Group of Programmers in Bulgaria от Stoilova, R.
The impact of gender has been examined with regard to the case of software production and to one occupational group, that of IT engineers. The theoretical frame includes the process of reorganization and of restructuring of the global value chains as well as its influence on the biographies in the ICT sector. Discussed in the paper are interviews carried out within the WORKS project.
2007 Institute of Sociology, Bulgarian Sociological Association Sociological Problems Special Issue.
Език: English

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