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Katia Mihailova
[email protected]
Персонални данни
Академични данни
Assistant Prof.

Поле на изява
Sociology, Anthropology, Political, Cultural Studies,

Работно място
University of National and World Economy
Department of Media and Public Communication

Изследователски интереси
Media Sociology
New Media Theory
Media Regulation
Media for Children
Vulnerable audiences
Media violence and cyberbullying
The Generation Gap in the Bulgarian Network Society от Katia Mihailova

2009 COST 298 "The Good, the Bad and the Challenging" 2009 Vol. 2
Език: English
Alternatives for Protection of Children Television Audience in the Frame of Media Regulation от Katia Mihailova
The article is available athttp://alternativi.unwe.acad.bg/index.php?nid=29&hid=915
2008 Economic Alternatives 6/2008
Език: Bulgarian
Media Audiences Acsess and Participation in the Digital Communication Space от Katia Mihailova

2008 BFU BFU - Scientific Conference with International Participation Vol. 1
Език: Bulgarian
Servicing the Vulnerable Audiences: The New Role of Public Service Broadcasters от Katia Mihailova

2008 COST Action 298 - Digital Television Revisited
Език: English
2009 Aalborg University, Danmark
The Generation Gap in the Bulgarian Network Scoiety as a Reason for Cyberbullying Prevalence among Children The Good, The Bad and The Challenging. The User and the Future of Information and Communiation Technologies
2008 ESOF 2010, Barcelona
Giving Social Support: A Way for PSB to Serve the Vulnerable Audiences Digital Television Revisited: Linking Users, Markets and Polices

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