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Mihail Mirchev
[email protected]
Персонални данни
Академични данни
Associate Prof.

Поле на изява
Sociology, Anthropology, Political, Cultural Studies,

Работно място
University of National and World Economy
Department of Economic Sociology

Изследователски интереси
Social stratification and mobility; Activity theory; Social activity and innovations; Economical active and inactive population;

Reproduction of population; Sociology and demography of the family; Children and youth socialization;

Theoretical research on social management; Political and authority structures; Political marketing; Public communication and public opinion;

Empirical studies of life standard; Economic activity, purchasing capacity; Economical motives for emigration; Sources of income and forms of savings;

Empirical studies of the political institutions and their functioning; Formation and operation of the elite groups;

Studies of public opinion on current events; Value orientations of the mass consciousness; Social attitudes and political decision;

Empirical studies of the children and youth, of the family and marriage; Intergenerational relationship; Reproductive behaviour and attitudes; Sexual culture and behaviour;

Electoral studies and prognoses; Monitoring of the formation and manifestation of political orientation and decision-making in voting; Carrying out of election campaigns;

The New Class Structure of the Bulgarian Society от Mihail Mrchev
The article is available at http://assa-m.com/sociologia23.htm
2008 Ponedelnik 5-6*2008
Език: Bulgarian
Two New Classes in the Structure of the Bulgarian Society от Mihail Mrchev
The article is available at http://assa-m.com/sociologia24.htm
2008 Ponedelnik 7-8/2008
Език: Bulgarian

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