Nonka Bogomilova

Dr.Sc. - 15.06. 2009, Institute for Philosophical Research to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Ph.D. - 27.04. 1984, Institute for Philosophy

Specializations in International Politics: 2004-2005,Central European University, Budapest, International Policy Fellowship

MA degree - 1974 - In Philosophy, Psychology and Bulgarian Language and Literature, Sofia University "Sv. Kl. Ohridski"

Professor at the Institute for the Study of Societies and Knowledge/ Institute for Philosophy and Sociology to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences: 08.03.2012 08.10.2020

Professor Associate at the Institute for the Study of Societies and Knowledge - BAS:01.07.2010 - 07.03.2012

Senior Research Assoc./Assoc.Professor - Institute for Philosophical Research 13.01.1997 - 30.06.2010

Assistant Professor at the Institute for Philosophy to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences - 01.11.1984 - 12.01.1997

Editor in Chief of Philosophical Alternatives journal: 2004 - 2012

Part-time lecturer at the New Bulgarian University: 1999 - 2008

Part-time lecturer at the Southwestern University: 2009 - 2018



Institute for Philosophy and Sociology to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences - retired in October 2020

Philosophical Anthropology
Anthropology of Religion
Religion, Law, Politics
Teaching of Religion Islam in Bulgarian Public Schools Bogomilova, Nonka

2021 Routledge Leni Franken (Ed.) Islamic Religious Education in Europe
: English
. Bogomilova, Nonka
Print ISSN: 1233-6173,Online-ISSN:2392-2400, doi: https://doi.org/10.11649/sm.2154, Scopus https://ispan.waw.pl/journals/index.php/sm/article/view/sm.2154
2020 Polish Academy of Sciences Slavia Meridionalis 20
: Bulgarian
Postmodern Transformations of Religion: Activity vs Adaptivity. Bogomilova, Nonka

2019 OMDA.bg RELIGION AND SOCIAL ECOLOGY (Philosophical-Anthropological P
: English
"God'sElect Nation" Myth:Religious and Secular Dimensions. Bogomilova, Nonka
ISSN:0861-6302, 425-437 , indexed in, WoS
2017 Bulgarian Ministry of Education Philosophy 4
: English
Problems of Teaching Religion in Public Schools in Bulgaria Today: Retrospective and Prospective. Bogomilova, Nonka
ISSN:1069-4781, Indexed in EBSCO, Scopus 17 pp. Available at: http://digitalcommons.georgefox.edu/ree/vol35/iss1/2
2015 George Fox University, USA Occasional Papers on Religion in Eastern Europe, 35
: English
Byzantine Christianity and Local Identities: Modern transformations of Historical Forms. Bogomilova, Nonka
ISSN 1451-8759, pp. 229-246, indexed in OJS (Open Journal Systems) Available at: http://www.ceir.co.rs/index.php?strana=pages/casopis.php
2014 Center for Empirical Study of Religion, Novi sad, Serbia: Religija i tolerancija vol.12, iss. 22,
: English
Freedom of Religion and Religion of Freedom. A Philosophical View. Bogomilova, Nonka
ISSN 1451-8759, pp. 51-60, indexed in OJS (Open Journal Systems). Available at: http://www.ceir.co.rs/index.php?strana=pages/casopis.php
2013 CEIR, Novi sad, Serbia: Religija i tolerancija 19
: English
A Philosophical Approach to the Religion National Mythology Synthesis Bogomilova, Nonka
ISSN 0353-5738, indexed in WoS. DOI: https://doi.org/10.2298/FID0903083B http://instifdt.bg.ac.rs/fid
2009 Belgrade: Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory: Filozofija i Drustvo 3
: English
The Religious Situation in Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro: Differences and Similarities. Bogomilova, Nonka
ISNN 1069-4781, EBSCO, Scopus, available at:. http://digitalcommons.georgefox.edu/ree/vol25/iss4
2005 George Fox University, USA: Occasional Papers on Religion in Eastern Europe, 25 (4)
: English
Reflections on the Contemporary Religious Revival: Religion, Secularization, Globalization Bogomilova, Nonka

0 Religion in Eastern Europe 24 (4)
: English
Bulgarische Orthodoxie nach der Wende Bogomilova, Nonka

0 G2W Forum fur Religion and Gesellschaft in Ost und West 30 30(2)
: German
The Balkans: marked roads (1991 - 2016) Bogomilova, Nonka
The book outlines some important processes and trends in the intersection of social, political and religious fields in the Balkans, and especially in the Western Balkans during the war and post-war period.
2020 Paradigma, Sofia
: Bulgarian
Bogomilova, Nonka. 2018. Religion Today& betweenTheos and Anthropos. Sofia, Paradigma, 200 pp., ISBN 978-954-326-247-2. Bogomilova, Nonka
The book describes and analyzes contemporary processes and trends in the religious situation and in religious studies in Europe.
2018 Paradigma
: Bulgarian
Non/Human: Literature-Philosophical Projections. Sofia, Paradigma, 200 pp., ISBN 978-954-326-365-3. Bogomilova, Nonka
The book outlines an important philosophical-anthropological topics and ideas in the famous novels of F. Dostoevskyi, I.Murdoch, D.Dimov, O. de Balzak, E.Stanef and others.
2018 Paradigma, Sofia
: Bulgarian
Nationalization of Religion Contemporary Debates and Practices, ISBN 978-954-326-255-7 Bogomilova, Nonka
The book describes and emphasizes both the theoretical notions and ideas and contemporary practices related to the nation - religion synthesis.
2015 Paradigma, Sofia
: Bulgarian
Religion in a Secular Context: Balkan Projections, Sofia pp. 267, ISBN 978-954-326-247-2. www.paradigma.bg Bogomilova, Nonka
The book describes and analyzes the historical archetypes and the contemporary trends of the religious situation in the Balkans.
2015 Paradigma, Sofia
: English
Religious Diversity in the Contemporary European Culture (Debates, Phenomenology, Social-Anthropological Dimension) ISBN 978-954-9467-29-1. Bogomilova, Nonka
The book presents, describes and comments the picture of religious diversity in the contemporary Europe with a special reference to the sociologically interpreted trends and to the religious education issues.
2010 Sofia, PONI
: Bulgarian
Religion and Human Essence: Classical Ideas. , ISBN 978-954-322-339-8. Bogomilova, Nonka
The book describes and analyzes some classical ideas (I.Kant, G.W.F. Hegel, M.Weber, K.Marx, Z.Freud, E.Fromm, P.Tillich, etc.) related to the philosophy and sociology of religion. The concept of human essence related to religion is at the center of the theortical attention.
2010 Sofia, Acad.Publishing House Prof. Marin Drinov,
: Bulgarian
Vitality (Philosophical-anthropological Analysis), ISBN 954-322-017-4. www.baspress.com Bogomilova, Nonka
The notion of vitality as a feature of thinking and of practice in philosophy, in politics, in religion is analized.
2006 Sofia, ed. Prof. M.Drinov Academic Publishing House.
: Bulgarian
Religion, Law nd Politics in the Balkans in the End of 20th and the Beginning of 21st Century Nonka Bogomilova
209 pp.
2005 Iztok-Zapad Publishing House
: Bulgarian and English
The Religion Spirit and Institution Nonka Bogomilova
/129 pp./
1999 ed. Prof. M.Drinov Academic Publishing House
: Bulgarian
The Universal and the National in the Bulgarian Culture A. Krasteva, N. Dimitrova, I. Katzarski, N. Bogomilova
224 pp.
1996 International Center for Minority Studies
: Bulgarian
Identities A.Krasteva, I. Katzarski, P.Makariev, N. Bogomilova
222 pp.
1995 International Center for Minority Studies
: Bulgarian
Longing for the Absolute Nonka Bogomilova
/208 pp./
1994 ed. Union of Scientists
: Bulgarian
2018 Leipzig, Germany Leipzig University
The European "East" and "West" in a Religious Context: Are There Two Europes? East-West Dialogue: Cultural and Religious Aspects
2017 Warsaw, Poland Polish Academy of sciences
Religion as a Secular/Postsecular Phenomenon Contemporary Religious Experience in the Postsecular Thought
2017 Lausanne, Switzerland
"God's Elect" Nation: conflict generating potential Religion, Cooperation and Conflict in Diverse Societies; 34th International conference of the ISSR
2015 Dubrovnik, Croatia, Interuniversity Center
The Religious Ethos as Confessional and as Global Ethos: Philosophical Approaches 39th Conference: The Future of Religion: Towards a Global Ethos?
2015 Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
New Religious Buildings in the Balkans: cultural mechanisms and visual expression Sensing Religion - 33th International Conference of the SISR Society for the Sociology of Religion,
2005 Budapest, Hungary
"Religion, Law and Politics in the Balkans", International Conference of the European Consortium for Political Research
2000 Washington, USA
"Religion and the Clash of Civilizations, of Nations, of Groups", Annual Meeting of the Association for the Sociology of Religion /ASR/
1998 Montreal, Canada
"Instrumentalization of Religion in the Conflicts", The Annual Meeting of the Association for the Scientific Study of Religion
1997 Cologne, Germany
"The New Religious Movements in Bulgaria", 33 World Congress of the International Institute of Sociology
1995 Florence, Italy
The Time, the Sacred and the Everyday Consciousness in Eastern Europe, Second Summer School on Religions in Europe
1993 Raleigh, USA
"Religion as Institution and as Mentality", Annual Meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion

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