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Diana Mishkova
[email protected]
Персонални данни
Образование и кариера
English Language Gimnasium, Plovdiv; Faculty of History, Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski"; Associate Professor, DPhil, modern and contemporary Balkan history; Director and Academic Associate of the Centre for Advanced Study Sofia

Работни езици
Bulgarian, English, French, Romanian, Serbian/Croatian, Russian
Академични данни
Associate Prof.

Поле на изява
History, Sociology, Anthropology, Political, Cultural Studies,

Работно място
Centre for Advanced Study Sofia

Изследователски интереси
Modern and contemporary European and Balkan history, history of nationalism and ethnic relations, modernization of Balkan societies 19-20 centuries, history of modern political ideas, intellectual history
In Quest of Balkan Occidentalism от Diana Mishkova
The article seeks to revise the current mainstream interpretation of the relations between the Balkans and the West as it has emerged from the mirror reading of the Balkanism paradigm. It interrogates the grounds for interpreting the Western discourse about the Balkans in terms of Said’s Orientalism and the Balkan visions of Europe in terms of the hegemonic Western discourse.
2006 Tokovi istorije, Belgrade, 1-2
Език: English
The Interesting Anomaly of Balkan Liberalism от Diana Mishkova
in: Ivan Denes (ed.), "Liberty and the Search for Identity. Imperial Heritages and Liberal Nationalisms in a Comparative Perspective",
2006 Budapest and New York: CEU Press pp. 399-456
Език: English
Europe in the Nineteenth-Century Balkans: A Case Study in the Cultural Transfer of Concepts от Diana Mishkova

2005 Editura Academiei Rom Revue des Etudes Sud-Est Europeennes,
Език: English
The Use of Tradition and National Identity in the Development Debates in the Balkans от Diana Mishkova

2004 London: Hurst, in: M. Todorova (ed.), Balkan Identities: Nation and Memory,
Език: English
The Nation as Zadruga: Re-mapping Nation-Building in Nineteenth-Century Southeast Europe от Diana Mishkova
in "Disrupting and Reshaping: Early Stages of Nation-Building in the Balkans"
2001 Ravenna: Longo Editore, M. Dogo and G. Franzinetti (eds.), pp. 102-116
Език: English
Le radicalisme serbe au XIXe siecle: quelques pages de l’histoire du populisme balkanique от Diana Mishkova

1999 Etudes balkaniques, 1-2
Език: French
Modernization and Political Elites in the Balkans before the First World War от Diana Mishkova

1995 University of California Press, Eastern European Politics and Societies, 9/1
Език: English
Friends Turned Foes: Bulgarian National Attitudes to Neighbours от Diana Mishkova
in: "Pride and Prejudice: National Stereotypes in 19th and 20th century",
1995 CEU University Press, CEU Working Paper Series 2
Език: English
Literacy and Nation-Building in Bulgaria 1878-1912 от Diana Mishkova

1994 East European Quarterly, XXVIII/1
Език: English
The Balkan Nineteenth Century. Other Interpretations (ed.) от Diana Mishkova

2006 CAS-Riva,
Език: Bulgarian
Domestication of Freedom. Modernity-Legitimacy in Serbia and Romania in the Nineteenth Century. от Diana Mishkova

2000 Sofia: Paradigma, 2001
Език: Bulgarian

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