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CfPDeadline: Women and Gnder in Socialist Eastern Europe


Call for Papers:

'Women's Lives, Gender Relations and State Policy in Central and Eastern Europe under State Socialism'

Scholars working on gender and socialism in Central and Eastern Europe are invited to submit a 500-word abstract of an essay for a collected volume examining post-89 approaches to the study, research and analysis of women's lives and issues of gender under state socialism.

We welcome submissions on a diversity of topics, which might include but are not limited to:

  • the role of socialist women's organizations and the socialist media in reformulating gender roles and relations and in politicizing women's lives;

  • changing notions of masculinity, femininity, and sexuality under socialism;

  • women's roles as workers, mothers, and consumers;

  • gender and resistance;

  • feminist discourse in the era of state socialism;

  • the interplay between official discourses and subjective experiences in shaping gender roles and identities under socialism;

  • revisiting feminist debates regarding the "evidence of experience" with regard to gender and socialist Eastern Europe;

  • everyday life as a site of resistance, negotiation, or complicity;

  • the politics of gender and memory in the study of socialist and post-socialist societies.

Contributors will be expected to discuss their methodologies in the context of their departures from pre-1989 scholarship. Scholars from Eastern Europe are also invited to address the institutional barriers to conducting and disseminating gender research in their respective countries. Moreover, studies of the process and products of major
transnational research projects begun in the 1990s will be of interest - for example, the transnational Women's Memories Project coordinated by the Prague Gender Studies Center.

Please email or fax a 500-word abstract and CV by JUNE 15th to:

Jill Massino / Shana Penn
Program of Gender Studies / Center for Jewish Studies
Bowdoin College Graduate Theological
Brunwick, Maine Berkeley, CA
Email:  / Email: 

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