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Deadline: PhD Fellowships "Gender as a category of Knowledge"


Duration: 1,5 years (with the chance to extend for further 18 months, subject to the further authorization of the graduate college by the German Research Foundation)

Researchers and fellows at the graduate college analyse the implicit and explicit functions of the category gender for the structuring of scientific knowledge. The college focuses on two major issues in its transdisciplinary work:

1. the in- and exclusion as well as the inscription of gender categories into the production of knowledge, into the terms and orders of knowledge;

2. the gendered coding of materiality and physical objects in the sciences and humanities.

Involved supervisors at the graduate college cover the disciplines Cultural Studies, Literature, Linguistics, History of Medicine and Science, History, Law, Social Sciences and Pedagogy.

For further information about the research program and application requirements please refer to: www.geschlecht-alswissenskategorie.de.

The graduate college looks for candidates from Germany and abroad with outstanding university degrees.

Please enclose the following documents in your application:
- Research outline of up to 10 pages including projected time schedule
- Resumé, certificate/s (copies)
- Letter of reference by a university teacher who is not a member of this graduate college
- Publications, if applicable.

The graduate college aims to tackle categories of science and knowledge in transdisciplinary ways. Thus, apart from the quality of the research project and from the qualification of the applicant, the possibility to crosslink the project with other research projects will play a pivotal role in the selection process. The project itself should sit between at least two disciplines – e.g. between Law and Literature, Cultural Studies and History of Medicine etc.

Knowledge of the German language will be required.

Please send your application to the director of the graduate college,
Prof. Dr. Christina von Braun
To the attn. of Viola Beckmann
GK ‚Gender as a Research Category’,
Sophienstr. 22a
D-10178 Berlin

Closing date: Sept. 21, 2007

The PhD-fellowship relies on an endowment of € 1000,- p.m. according to the directives of the German Research Foundation; equipment resource and family allowance (if applicable) to be added (when evidence provided).

Към новина: 13/08/2007 PhD Fellowships "Gender as a category of Knowledge"

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