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Deadline: "Performing Biographies: Memory and the Art of Interpretation"


Call for Papers
International Conference
12-14 December 2008
Cracow, Poland

ORGANISED BY: Research Network 3 of the European Sociological Association Biographical Perspectives on European Societies

IN COOPERATION WITH: Institute of Audiovisual Arts of the Jagiellonski University Cracow and Pauza Foundation for Promotion and Development of Contemporary Art

This interdisciplinary Conference aims to explore and analyze systematically a wide range of biographical perspectives through story telling, performance and different kinds of visual art like film, video, photography, digital media etc. It is addressed to researchers who are willing to discuss and discover new fields and not take answers for granted. We hope it to be an open forum for discussion and networking in the context of each others company.

For further details about the conference contact Thea Boldt, the Chair of the RN3 by the ESA:

The Language of the Conference will be English.

Please complete and return the registration form by the deadline of April 1st, 2008.

The discussions, workshops and performances within the realms of social science research will be accompanied by an exhibition of biographical performance and art organized by the Pauza Foundation. The participants in the conference are welcome to take part in the exhibition.

Please see www.pauza.pl for details

Към новина: 05/02/2008 "Performing Biographies: Memory and the Art of Interpretation"

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