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Call for papers Deadline: Social and Spiritual Aspects of Material Culture


International Conference Call for Papers, 18-20th September 2008, Ohrid, University Congress Center.

The Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Skopje is organizing a Conference in honour of the late professor, colleague and friend Gjorgi Zdravev, PhD. The Conference refers to different aspects of material culture, a field to which prof. Zdravev dedicated all his professional life. Besides the main topic "Social and spiritual aspects of material culture", that points out the organic relation between these different cultural spheres, the potential participants are offered few sub-topics:

1. "Creation" of the material world: anthropological aspects of technology and production
2. Social, spiritual and aesthetic life of objects
3. Ethnological and Anthropological aspects of Macedonian textile folk work
4. Cultural policy and material heritage

We invite all colleagues from the country and abroad, that work in the areas of ethnology, anthropology and the closely related disciplines, and that show interest in some of the above mentioned topics, to apply for participation at the Conference sending the title of their paper, along with an abstract (not longer than 1,000 characters) by 31st of April.

The final versions of the articles that will be accepted and thus presented at the Conference should not exceed 29,000 characters. Oral presentations at the Conference should not exceed 20 minutes. References should be quoted in the following manner:

1) In the body of the text: last (family) name(s) are given in parentheses, and specific pieces are referred to by stating the year of publication. If a page number is given, it should come after the last name, publication year and colon.

Example: D'Andrade 1995; D'Andrade and Egan 1972: 53

If more than one text by the same author(s) is cited for the same year, they should be additionally marked by alphabet letters (e.g. D'Andrade 1995a, 1995b).

The full list of cited texts, ordered alphabetically by authors' last name, is to be given at the end of the text.

We hope that after the Conference we would be able to publish the papers in a Collection, including all participants.

The organizer covers food and accommodation costs. There is no registration fee. Travel costs should be covered by the institutions in which participants are employed or by the participants themselves. Official languages are English and Macedonian.

The application letter, including your name, profession and current position and title, the topic of the article and an abstract, should be sent by the mention date to the Secretary of the Conference, Ilina Jakimovska PhD at

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