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Deadline: “Social Integration and Cohesion in Post-Communist Europe”


Call for Papers

Centre for Russian, Central, and East European Studies (CRCEES),
University of Glasgow, 17-18 October 2008

Numerous studies have analysed the relations between dominant and marginal(ised) ethnic groups in the countries of Eastern Europe. Focussing on state policies, social and cultural discrimination, minority empowerment, ethnic bargaining, and individual interaction at the local level, scholarship has pointed out the dynamics of conflictual and cooperative interactions on various levels of social and political research. This workshop aims at integrating existing approaches and addresses the question of reciprocal influence and interaction between processes of  integration and cohesion on different levels of analysis, such as between the institutional realm, majorities and non-majorities as social groups,  and individual interactions.

The 1.5-day conference is aimed at young researchers, advancing their scholarship or having recently completed their PhDs, providing for original contributions to the field, who are interested in interdisciplinary exchange.

Papers are invited that address theoretical or methodological aspects, or focus on the analysis of cases of integration processes in Eastern European countries. The contributions should address the following questions for their own respective piece of work, though are not limited
to these:

(i) What is meant by integration and cohesion from the perspective applied in the paper and which are the objects of study?

(ii) Who are the actors in the process of integration and which strategies do they exert?

(iii) How is cohesion established at the level of scrutiny in interaction with the other levels of social processes?

(iv) Which factors impede or complicate integration in the given context?

Paper givers are encouraged to reflect particularly on the interaction between different levels. How do integration policies affect group interaction? Which impact can local level networking across ethnic boundaries have on the shifting of group boundaries? Can cohesion be steered by changing normative ideas from above or does it much more require the socio structural rapprochement of groups? What is the role of minority members in the process, which avenues do they take in interaction with the state and the majority group to integrate?

Procedure: Potential paper givers should send an abstract of not more than 300 words and a brief academic CV, indicating their institutional affiliation, research foci, and full contact details for review by 1 August 2008 to the organisers.

Applicants will be notified by 15 August. Accepted papers [of 6-8000 words] should be submitted to the organisers by  6 October 2008. Presentations should not exceed 20 min. Selected papers will have the chance to be published.

We will cover one night of accommodation for speakers and will contribute  to travel expenses, though cannot guarantee to cover the costs in full.

Applicants who depend on funding should provide the organisers with an estimate of the overall costs for their travel.

Helen Lowther, University of Newcastle:
Ada-Charlotte Regelmann, University of Glasgow:

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